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Ninte Siks- PR unboxing!

Updated: Feb 17

Hello, my lovelies!

Today is a really important day for me as I have just launched my YouTube channel!

This will hopefully be the start of something great and I have tried to work so hard on the graphics so that it is appealing.

Anyways, today's blog is to talk a little bit about the package I have received from the brand Ninte Siks! The products that I have tried out are some of their lashes, their lash applicator, eyebrow razor trimmers and some of their disposable mascara wands.


I honestly really liked their eyelashes. My personal favourite style was the 315 3D faux mink lashes. They are really lightweight which made them super comfortable to wear. Normally, I don't really like wearing fake lashes because they can always make my eyes feel really heavy and I wear glasses too so they can sometimes be a bit of a pain. However, I found these really easy to apply and they stayed on really well too.

I would say the only problem is that they don't come with glue. other than that they are really good quality and value for money. The lashes are £5.99 (currently on sale for £2.99) So I think I will definitely buy some more as they are really pretty!

The lash applicator was really good quality too, plus it's pink!

Mascara wands:

The mascara wands were really great quality! I do normally buy these for my clients when I am doing makeovers and they break so easily. Although, these ones that I have tried work so well and they are very high quality. My favourite was the curling one.

Eyebrow razor trimmers:

These were only supposed to be for eyebrows. However, I have used them all over my face as you can see in my YouTube video. (Also below) Which I think is great that if you wanted to, you could use them all over the face and not just for the eyebrows! These are only £6.99 for a pack of 12 (currently on sale for £3.99). Again, great value for money.

Plus, you can use my discount code SHAKIRA15 for 15% off!



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