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Let's talk Periods!

Let's face it, periods bloody suck! (see what I did there) LOL!

But seriously, they are painful, uncomfortable and most of the time make me want to cry over nothing. Some girls are lucky and get a few days of bleeding and no pain. However, for most of us this isn't the case. Which is why I thought I would come on here to talk about a few things that I find helpful when mother nature decides to grace me with her presence.

First things first, get yourself stocked up on sanitary products that make you feel comfortable, whether that be pads or tampons. I normally use a combination of both for different days. I would normally use pads on my heavier days and tampons on days where i'm not as heavy and not in as much pain.

Lately I have been using some CBD tampons from Daye. They have an option to create your own box of tampons and you can choose how many of either their naked tampons or their CBD option.

The CBD tampons have been my personal favourite as they have really helped to curb any pain that I

normally get when on my period. Don't get me wrong, they are slightly more expensive than your usual tampax but your usual tampax doesn't make you feel like you're making a conscious effort to be more environmentally friendly.

That's right! So what makes these so special:

🌱 They are infused with CBD

🌱 They are pesticide and dye free

🌱 Each tampon is sanitised for safety.

🌱 The pouches are made from 100% unbleached cotton.

🌱The tampon wrappers are water-soluble and safe to flush down the toilet or dissolve under the tap WITHOUT contributing to water pollution.

🌱 The bio-based applicator is made from renewably-sourced sugarcane.

Next up, find a light impact workout/ stretches.

I always find that doing some yoga really helps me when I am experiencing period cramps. I know at first you might not feel like it, but girls listen to your p.e teacher when they say exercise helps!

Exercise increases blood circulation in your pelvic area, which means less pain on your cycle. Exercise also increases endorphins in the body meaning that you end up feeling happier and this can help boost your mood during your period.

I find following a yoga video on YouTube really helpful.

Flush out toxins!

Lastly, I really suggest drinking as much water as possible! This always helps me to feel better when i'm on my period. I also like to make sure that during the week of my period I focus on skincare more than putting makeup on.

Skincare products that contain Benzoyl Peroxide are great at being an antiseptic to reduce the bacteria on the skin. It helps to reduce both blackheads and whiteheads and acts as an anti inflammatory.

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