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I spent £300+ on Charlotte Tilbury| Was it worth it?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Hey everyone!! How ya doing?

I have finally got round to sitting down to do some much loved (and needed) content creation.

This week I really wanted to a blog to follow up on my YouTube video that I posted. So, here goes! Check out the video below!


I used the Hollywood flawless filter (shade 3, Light/medium); which you can buy here. I personally really love this primer. I have used it literally every day since I purchased it! For me, I really like a glowy base without making me look oily. I have dry skin and so this really does make me look healthy and fresh faced. I would 100% repurchase this as it is so multifunctional. You can use it under the foundation or on top to give a highlight.

Foundation & Powder:

I brought the Airbrush flawless foundation (shade 3, cool) and the Airbrush flawless finish powder (shade 2, medium). Both of these are really great colour matches for me. The models who wear the products on the website are a really good way to judge what shade you are if you are purchasing online like I did! (God damn it covid-19).

The foundation is a full coverage and gets rid of a lot of redness (which you can see in my YouTube video). I also love that although it is a matte foundation, you can still see the lovely primer underneath. When wearing this foundation I found it reduced the size of my pores and didn't cling to any of my dry patches. Which is what I tend to normally struggle with using other foundations.

Let me tell you, the powder is flipping AMAZING! I have honestly never found a pressed powder quite like it. I normally tend to avoid powder all together because it always seems to make me look cakey or accentuates dry patches. The powder creates an extra layer of coverage and holds your makeup in place; without feeling like there is anything extra on your skin.


I tried the Magic away concealer (shade 2, fair). I really like this concealer; it is really creamy and hydrating. However, I don't know if I would spend £24 on it again. You don't really get a lot of product for the money that you pay. You only get 4ml, which for me is a bit mad.

Bronzer, blush and highlight:

Bronzer and highlight: I brought the Filmstar bronze and glow kit (shade light to medium). I really like this kit and I think the highlighter is definitely has more of an impact than how it looks in the pan. The bronzer is really pretty. It is quite natural and you do have to build it up. So if you're a bronzer lover like me you may prefer the new single bronzers. Overall, I don't think I will buy this again because it is a lot of money for what it is. I paid £49 and I basically just use the highlighter because the bronzer isn't dark enough for me.

Blusher: I purchased the Cheek to chic (shade pillow talk original). I never normally wear blush (my cheeks are pink enough). However, this blush has completely changed the game for me. I love how subtle it is and it is easy to build up. I find it really suits many skin tones too. I think it is really good value for money and the highlight in the middle gives it a unique texture.


I brought the Luxury palette quad in Pillow talk. The shadows look absolutely stunning in the pan. but for me as soon as I popped it on my eyes, I really struggled to get the pigment from the shadows. I found that there was also quite a bit of fall out from the shadows too. The palette costs £40 and

personally I don't think I would buy this particular quad again. I think I will have to go in store and have a play around with the other palettes to find one with a bit more va-va-voom.

Mascara, brow pencil and eyeliner:

Mascara - I brought the Full fat lashes. I honestly have found my new favourite mascara! i love the way it lengthens my lashes as well as gives them the volume I want and need. I find that it doesn't make my lashes look clumpy and it doesn't transfer around my eye area. I would definitely buy this again. At £23 this mascara is a no brainer!

Brow pencil- I purchased the Brow lift (shade supermodel brow) Personally I thought this pencil was very similar to my Benefit goof proof pencil. The pencil comes with the pencil, spoolie and a brow highlighter. For me, I think it was a really nice brow pencil to use. However, the brow highlight shade was far too dark and left a sheen when I looked forward. Not a great look.

Eyeliner: I used the Classic pencil (shade classic brown). I really loved this pencil. It is really creamy and easy to apply. I like the fact that you can smoke out the liner. The shade I got is the perfect smokey brown shade. I would definitely purchase this again!


Lip liner: I brought the famous lip cheat lip liner (shade pillow talk original). I absolutely LOVE this lip liner! It is so smooth and creamy. Really easy to apply as well as being easy to sharpen too! I love the colour of the shade pillow talk and it really is the perfect nude lip collection.

Lipstick: I brought the Matte revolution (shade pillow talk) This lipstick is honestly breathtaking. It is so creamy and dries down nicely. I love the fact that even though it is a matte lipstick it doesn't feel dry at all on the lips. I would 100% buy this again!

Lip gloss: I brought the Lip lustre (shade pillow talk). I never normally wear a gloss, as I always find it really hard to find one that isn't gloopy and sticky. The formula of this gloss is really lovely and it doesn't feel sticky at all. I love the shade and on top of the lipstick it really does give an extra something special. Although, I don't find that you get a lot of product in the tube which is a bit of a shame.

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